Extra Practice for Series/Parallel Circuits

If you’re interested in some extra practice problems for Series and Parallel circuits, consider these from the PhysicsClassroom:

Series: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/circuits/Lesson-4/Series-Circuits

Parallel: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/circuits/Lesson-4/Parallel-Circuits

Combination: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/circuits/Lesson-4/Combination-Circuits

And, if you’re missing Ms. Kissel’s voice, consider learning from some videos she made a few years ago! Click on Ms. K’s videos on the right —–>

Electricity Videos

To help study for this week’s quiz (on Ohm’s Law), check out this awesome rap put together by some students in the UK for their physics class!

Also, in case you were curious, the actual electrons in circuits move way slower than even the fastest recorded snails!

…And, okay, this one’s just silly. But a very clever advertisement. Can you figure out the idea behind this electricity-producing perpetual motion machine?

Message from Ms. Kissel

Hi everyone!

It looks like the three weeks I had planned to spend with you in June has turned into four weeks. I hope you’re all enjoying the snow. I’ve seen many pictures of Boston, and it looks crazy.

So far I’ve visited one school here in Finland. If you’re interested in seeing what school is like, you can check out my blog at www.stacykissel.com. One thing that’s very different is that students don’t wear shoes in elementary school (which goes up to age 12). Most kids run around in their socks, while some wear slippers or Crocs. This keeps the school so clean.

In case you don’t know exactly where Finland is, here’s a map:


We do have a little bit of snow on the ground, but the roads are clear, and the sidewalks don’t have giant snow piles. I just took the photo below from my living room window. I have a nice view of the sea. Yesterday I went running and saw two people ice skating on the frozen sea, but I’d be too afraid that the ice would break and I’d fall in! It’s been above freezing most days, but it gets a bit colder at night. FullSizeRender-9

If I do want to go ice skating, I go to the rink that I can walk to in only 5 minutes. It’s a field that they freeze in the winter, and it’s just open and free for anyone to use. You just have to bring your own skates.


Email me if you have any questions about Finland that you’d like me to answer. And please work hard for Ms. Kumpf!

-Ms. Kissel


FYI, if we have a snow day on Tuesday, then Tuesday’s exams will be moved to Friday. So no matter what, the physics midyear will be given on Thursday.

Happy studying!23ea4-016

Midyear Review Stuff

Review Packet

If you lost your midyear review packet or want a second one so you can try to redo the fill-in-the-blank questions, click on one of the links below:

Word document: Midyear review packet 2015

PDF: Midyear review packet 2015

AFTER you do the problems, check your answers with the answer key.

Answer key: midyear review packet key 15

Review Videos

Check out the REVIEW VIDEOS. There are three summary ones that are specifically for the midyear, and others cover individual topics.

Extra Review Sheets

Here is a practice multiple choice test for your pleasure (with answers).

And here is ANOTHER practice multiple choice test! The answers for this one are as follows:
1. A     2. D     3. B     4. A     5. C     6. C     7. D      8. D     9. C     10. B     11. A

12. B     13. D     14. B     15. B     16. B     17. C     18. D     19. C     20. D     21. A

22. C     23. B     24. D     25. B     26. C

A and F blocks: Here is an extra review just for you (with answers).


Review of units

Vocabulary review

Snowman problems

A and F blocks: These are the snowman problems we did in class on Monday.