Physics I

Howdy Physics I students!

Tips on how to study for physics quizzes/tests:

1) Reread the sections in the textbook. Take notes on important points that you realize you didn’t remember.

2) Do the example problems in the text. Cover up the solutions until you’ve solved the problem yourself! Then check your answer and figure out what you did wrong if you didn’t get the problem correct.

3) Look back over your homework assignments and classwork. Redo questions that you missed when you did the assignments the first time.

4) Read through your notes.

5) Condense your notes from class and the book into a one-page summary. The act of rewriting the important points will help you remember them.

6) Make flash cards if there is a lot of vocabulary that you have trouble remembering.

7) Make yourself a practice quiz using questions from the book and class that you have answers to. Do the quiz and check your answers.

Extra Review Resources

Review videos on youtube:




Acceleration (2nd law) Part 1

Acceleration (2nd law) Part 2

First law in cars

Other resources

2010 Physics MCAS Exam

Physics Classroom (explanations of all physics topics)

Review from Physics Classroom (review questions with explanations)

Review videos made by Ms. Kissel (these are excellent review for the midyear and final exams)

Momentum, impulse, and collisions  review questions
(Skip the following:  1a, 1e, 1j, 2e, 3b, 3c, 5e)

Work, energy, and power review questions
(skip the following: 1g, 1j, 1k, 1m, 1 o, 2d, 2i, 3(all), 4(all), 5(all), 6g, 6n, 7c, 7k, 8all

Practice MCAS problems with answers