AP Physics

Are there topics that you’re feeling a bit clueless about?

Grab a cup of tea, a pencil, and some paper. Sit in front of a computer, and watch some of the videos linked to on one of these sites:



You also might like to check out this site. It has LOTS of good stuff including study guides w/ key concepts, practice problems, etc.

Want to know how to do better on tests? Here are some tips:

1) Do the example problems in your textbook. Then look at the answers and how the problems are solved.

2) Do the odd textbook problems at the end of the chapter. Check your answers in the back of the book.

3) Buy an AP review book. Princeton Review is the best. Read their explanations and do the practice problems for each topic. This is a good source for multiple choice questions.

3) Do old AP problems. Many are online here.

4) Go to the Learn AP Physics website. This site is a goldmine. There are links to videos on various topics (great if your absent and miss explanations). There are also sample multiple choice questions with explanations.

5) Check out these videos. They go through all of the topics in AP-C and are especially useful if you are absent and miss some lectures.

6) Go here and do the example problems. They contain fully worked out solutions. Very good!

7) Do the multiple choice practice tests made by another AP physics teacher. They’re just for mechanics. Answers are included.



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