Physics AP C Summer Work

Future Physics AP C Folks,

You’ve come to the right place! Apologies for having to give you summer homework, but we are at quite a disadvantage timewise. Many schools (approximately half) only do the mechanics section of AP Physics, while we do both mechanics and electricity/magnetism. Many schools begin in mid-August. Everyone takes the AP exam in May. The summer homework buys us a bit of time.


As soon as we begin the year, we’ll need to use some simple calculus. Depending on the math classes you’ve taken, you may or may not already know the calculus necessary for the first part of the physics course. To make sure everyone understands the basics, do this short assignment. It explains how to find simple derivatives and integrals but not why they are calculated this way. The whys will be left to your calculus teacher.


We’ll be using Excel to make graphs and do curve fits in some of our labs. To make sure that you’re able to use Excel to do these things, do this assignment.


There will also be some questions to do on Webassign. This blog post will be updated when the assignment is ready. In the meantime, you can do these problems (no, not for real):