Final Exam Review

**Did you see Ms. Kissel’s note? Scroll down below!

It’s time for the Final Exam and the MCAS. Make time for yourself this weekend to STUDY and LEARN. No one’s going to learn this stuff for you. YOU have to put in the time!

All Canvas Quizzes (are mandatory and) DUE MONDAY! 

  • Student: “But, Ms. K, the questions on Canvas are worded weirdly, and there’s a lot of them, and they’re annoying, and I’d rather just do the study packet…”
  • Ms.K: “Yup. The questions are worded funny. Yup, there are a lot of them. Yup, it really is kinda annoying. And yes, I totally agree that if I were you I’d rather do the study packet.”
  • Student: “So it’s cool if I don’t do them?”
  • Ms.K: “Nope. Not cool. Still mandatory.
  • Student: “Whyyy, you’re so mean!”
  • Ms.K: “Unfortunately, THOSE questions are JUST like the ones you’ll see on the final and JUST like the ones you’ll see on the MCAS. So if you do them, you will be BEST prepared for the tests. Really, I’d recommend you ALSO do the study packet, and ALSO watch the videos below… to be best prepared. But you want to get into the practice of reading/answering questions in the strange way that MCAS words them, rather than the super clear way Ms. K words them.”
  • Student: “Ugh.”
  • Ms.K “Yup, sorry. But I promise you’ll have lots of fun after the final! Woo, golf project!”

If you’d like, here’s some more (optional) ways to review:

And, just for fun, here’s an old (but relevant!) episode of Bill Nye:

(ps. did you see that ALL of the old episodes of Bill Nye The Science Guy were just put on Netflix??)