Electricity Test Review

We’re finishing up our unit on electricity, which means it’s time to start studying for the test! Some important information:

A & F Blocks:
Test on: Thursday, 3/19 (A Block); Friday 3/20 (F Block)
Packets covered: Polar Bear, Olinguito
Chapters covered: 13 & 14

E & G Blocks:
Test on: Friday, 3/20
Packets covered: Penguin, Olinguito, Platypus
Chapters covered: 13 & 14

Videos: Check out these review videos on series circuits, parallel circuits, and buying electricity by Ms. Kissel

Quizlet: Use this quizlet to do flashcards or play games to review vocabulary, equations, and units.

Problems: Work on problems in your review packet!

Answer Keys:
E&G: The answer key is at the back of the packet!
A&F: Here’s the answer key to your packet.