AP Physics – WebAssign

I just set up the WebAssign assignments. There are two. One is super easy and is just about how to use WebAssign. The second has actual problems.

Go to this Google doc for info about WebAssign and register. Then do the two assignments.

You will want to read the first chapter of your textbook. You can find the chapter here.

Physics AP C Summer Work

Future Physics AP C Folks,

You’ve come to the right place! Apologies for having to give you summer homework, but we are at quite a disadvantage timewise. Many schools (approximately half) only do the mechanics section of AP Physics, while we do both mechanics and electricity/magnetism. Many schools begin in mid-August. Everyone takes the AP exam in May. The summer homework buys us a bit of time.


As soon as we begin the year, we’ll need to use some simple calculus. Depending on the math classes you’ve taken, you may or may not already know the calculus necessary for the first part of the physics course. To make sure everyone understands the basics, do this short assignment. It explains how to find simple derivatives and integrals but not why they are calculated this way. The whys will be left to your calculus teacher.


We’ll be using Excel to make graphs and do curve fits in some of our labs. To make sure that you’re able to use Excel to do these things, do this assignment.


There will also be some questions to do on Webassign. This blog post will be updated when the assignment is ready. In the meantime, you can do these problems (no, not for real):


Final Exam Review

**Did you see Ms. Kissel’s note? Scroll down below!

It’s time for the Final Exam and the MCAS. Make time for yourself this weekend to STUDY and LEARN. No one’s going to learn this stuff for you. YOU have to put in the time!

All Canvas Quizzes (are mandatory and) DUE MONDAY! 

  • Student: “But, Ms. K, the questions on Canvas are worded weirdly, and there’s a lot of them, and they’re annoying, and I’d rather just do the study packet…”
  • Ms.K: “Yup. The questions are worded funny. Yup, there are a lot of them. Yup, it really is kinda annoying. And yes, I totally agree that if I were you I’d rather do the study packet.”
  • Student: “So it’s cool if I don’t do them?”
  • Ms.K: “Nope. Not cool. Still mandatory.
  • Student: “Whyyy, you’re so mean!”
  • Ms.K: “Unfortunately, THOSE questions are JUST like the ones you’ll see on the final and JUST like the ones you’ll see on the MCAS. So if you do them, you will be BEST prepared for the tests. Really, I’d recommend you ALSO do the study packet, and ALSO watch the videos below… to be best prepared. But you want to get into the practice of reading/answering questions in the strange way that MCAS words them, rather than the super clear way Ms. K words them.”
  • Student: “Ugh.”
  • Ms.K “Yup, sorry. But I promise you’ll have lots of fun after the final! Woo, golf project!”

If you’d like, here’s some more (optional) ways to review:

And, just for fun, here’s an old (but relevant!) episode of Bill Nye:

(ps. did you see that ALL of the old episodes of Bill Nye The Science Guy were just put on Netflix??)

Message from Ms. Kissel

Hey all!!

I’ll be back in school on Wednesday 6/3. I know the physics final is scheduled for the middle of next week, so I’ll be there just in time to do the grading (oh no!). I know Ms. Kumpf was out last week, so I hope you used your time wisely to review what you’ve learned this year.

One of the other American teachers who is here with the same program as I’m here for wrote an interesting blog post today. She quoted a student from one of the classes she visited, and I thought I’d share it. I like the parts about it being your education and nobody is going to learn it for you. Keep this in mind when you’re studying for all of your final exams. I know this is a stressful time of the year, but remember that your education is for you. Not your teachers. Not your parents.

“We start out with a lot of trust from our parents and expectation too, we get ourselves to and from school starting in 1st grade. By 7th grade you are really on your own making your own decisions about how you are going to manage school, you pick your own classes and you are free to mess it up- but it’s your mess-up…You always know that. It’s my education, it’s my time I need to be the control of it. If you don’t do the work you quickly realize you won’t understand or pass the course, no one is going to learn it for you and you can’t just keep repeating. By the time you are in lukio [high school] or whatever you are doing you want to get on with your life, you want out from under your parent’s home. You realize you have to get serious to get through school. There is a lot of stigma if you are 20 years old and still living at home. You are 18, you graduate, you start your life. You just can’t do that without an education.”

Source: https://kultturriculture.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/failing-forward-how-finnish-schools-support-autonomy/

See you soon!

Oh, and I forgot to include a cat reference. So here’s one. I saw this photo when I was out running yesterday. Good thing I didn’t bring my cat on my run!11350714_10205426148665865_8872728368284244828_n

Electricity Test Review

We’re finishing up our unit on electricity, which means it’s time to start studying for the test! Some important information:

A & F Blocks:
Test on: Thursday, 3/19 (A Block); Friday 3/20 (F Block)
Packets covered: Polar Bear, Olinguito
Chapters covered: 13 & 14

E & G Blocks:
Test on: Friday, 3/20
Packets covered: Penguin, Olinguito, Platypus
Chapters covered: 13 & 14

Videos: Check out these review videos on series circuits, parallel circuits, and buying electricity by Ms. Kissel

Quizlet: Use this quizlet to do flashcards or play games to review vocabulary, equations, and units.

Problems: Work on problems in your review packet!

Answer Keys:
E&G: The answer key is at the back of the packet!
A&F: Here’s the answer key to your packet.